Yesterday I finished a composition! Check it out here:

It is in three movements and is inspired by water.
1. Waves
2. Waterology
3. Storm

An inspiration for this piece came from the creation story in Genesis from the Bible, where we are told that the Spirit of God hovered over the waters. In my mind this piece aims to capture this ‘moment’ where both the calmness of God’s control and his creative genius are simultaneously ordered and terrifying.

As water is a reflective substance, the second half of the piece is largely a reversed version of the first half (it begins just after the storm).

I recorded, arranged and edited all the sounds that you can hear. Apart from my voice, no ‘normal’ acoustic instruments were used.
Some of the sounds included are (in order of appearance):
– foam packing (to create waves – first sound you hear)
– my mum washing up (used in conjunction with The Mangle)
– my voice (pad sound – again with The Mangle)
– hand sifter
– my dishwasher closing (thuds)
– body percussion (clicks, chest beats and tongue clicks)
– door slams (thunder – I am most pleased with this sound!)

The artwork was created by my Dad on his Surface Pro.

Let me know what you think in the comments!
Peace – Jonno

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.53.41 AM


Music in Early Childhood

So my mother (who works with infants with disabilities and young families) found this interesting article and forwarded it on to me today. It shows how important musical experiences are in early childhood development, stating that children who participate in many musical experiences before the age of five have greater cognitive and emotional skills, preparing them well for school.

“Playing music with toddlers could benefit their development even more than shared reading, according to University of Queensland research”.

“Abundant research over past decades has accumulated evidence of the effectiveness of music education in accelerating development in IQ, academic and social skills, empathy and self-discipline,” Mr Letts said.

Pretty interesting!

My First Original Pop Song – Hope

Last semester I did a subject called Popular Music Studies where, surprise surprise, we looked at.. Popular Music! But seriously if you think that’s dull, I’d like for you to comment below and tell me what your definition of Popular Music is – consider that a challenge. For our last assignment in the subject we had the chance to choose one of four different options:

  1. Create our own arrangement of a song
  2. Compose an original song
  3. Create a remix
  4. Make a suave tutorial video on how to play a particular song

I actually started out (under the impression that I couldn’t write) with the idea of creating a Vocoder arrangement of King’s Kaleidoscope’s Fix My Eyes, similar in style to that song called Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. Soooo that didn’t work out like I would’ve hoped. Basically it was a cool idea, but I couldn’t get it to sound like I wanted. I was at my mates place one Saturday night working on his dope arrangement of Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House and we decided that after a bit of dinner with Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Concords, that we would try and resurrect my arrangement. Yep. Didn’t quite work either, and at about 10:30 that night we gave up and thought, ‘Why don’t we try something new?’. So we grabbed all our recording gear, my synth and his mic and went down stairs into his family room and recorded the things we could see. We ended up making a cool beat with weird objects, like a fold up chess set, a cushion, a metal peacock and (my favourite), some tissues… By the time we finished (12:30am), it was definitely time I went home and got some sleep. However, I went home with a head full of new ideas for this new creation! By the following Thursday or so I’d managed to finish my first song, which I am still fairly pleased with. I am by no means a singer or a music producer, but I think I managed to get an okay mix. Let me know in the comments if you have any expert opinions/advice on it if you like. Here’s the finished product, hope you enjoy.

Also King’s Kaleidoscope is a great band – really, really creative. Here’s Fix My Eyes, which is the song I was going to try and make a cover of:

And here’s a cover (that in my opinion is better than the original) of Hide and Seek:


Nice to meet you! Clearly, this is my very first blog post, so here goes..

I have created this blog for a course I am studying at University this semester, which is Technology in Music Education (I am studying a Music Education degree). Most of my initial posts will be with uni in mind, but I hope to use this blog in the future to share things I like along with some resources etc.. We will see what happens! If you wish to contact me, please click here