Senior Secondary Music Task 2: Update #2

So I have now finished working on the resource I was making with Hype (in the last blog post). It happily slots into my iBook and I think it works quite smoothly and works how I want it to.

Initially the interaction wasn’t very smooth as I had a couple of starting animations and you had to tap it for it to begin working in iBooks. Having checked the ‘automatically begin animation’ box and removing the starting animation, it now works seamlessly inside my iBook, which now also has a few pages in it!

This is how it works! If you’d like to use this resource, shoot me an email.

Concept Widget GIF.gif

As I have been doing more planning and resourcing my unit of work has been changing slightly, I have realised that my iBook resource could be taught with two different approaches. Firstly, it could be the teaching resource used in conjunction with more traditionally teacher directed lessons, OR it cold be used for a more self directed style of teaching. For the purposes of this assignment, I have decided to create a specific order of learning activities that sequence together to give teachers a guide as to how this unit of work could be presented.

The benefits of using it in a self directed context means that students develop their own skills of time management and take more control over their learning. It would also free up the teacher to provide one on one time with students, supporting them at their particular level and area of need.

The benefits of using the resource in a more teacher led manner is that all students will be up to the same point each class, facilitating opportunities for class discussions, discoveries and peer support.

The more I think about it, I am currently leaning towards preferring the latter approach for HSC Music 2 as the very nature of a class supports the notion of community. I am not suggesting that I am not generally in favour of self directed learning, in the right context I think it could be very empowering for students. However, if we are constantly modelling to students that learning (and life!) is all about the individual, then we are developing a very individualistic society. Additionally, the context of music can be very social, aided by the opinions and collaboration of many. Not to mention that the HSC already has an individualistic focus.

Food for thought..


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