Interactive Music Installation Final Reflections: Update #6

Some final reflections..

Last night in the Con cafe, our class had a great night presenting all of our music technology related endeavours. It was a really cool evening to be a part of (thanks to those who came!). The night was filmed, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to upload a video of my demonstration for you to see in the near future.


In light of last night, I’ve been thinking about my installation and how the music is actually created/played with it. What I enjoy about it is that anyone, musical or not can have a go and instantly be able to create something that sounds cool. Another thing is that the buttons and controllers that I’ve used are large enough to be used by people who might struggle with fine motor skills, have a disability, small children, or people who are in rehab.

Here are a few articles on Nintendo Wii’s in rehab (I used nintendo controllers for my installation):

What if you could combine Music Therapy with this kind of rehab? Using the controllers to create the music? I’m unsure as to how compatible both are, but I think it could be very exciting and interesting area to experiment with and develop.

If you’re reading this and haven’t a clue what I am on about, I recently finished a project that you can catch up on in my previous blog posts.

Peace – Jonno


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