Composition in Music Education Task 3: Update #5

People compose in very diverse ways.

Up until this year, I would have never considered myself a composer. Not really… A great lover of many kinds of music though, but not really a composer.

I remember when I was in my last year of school and I had to compose my Core Composition for Music 2. Over the course of the proceeding six months I had toyed with quite a few different ideas but nothing had really settled until very close to the draft deadline. Thankfully on that occasion everything fell together and I quite enjoyed the process and the finished product.

It’s interesting to observe how differently, different people compose. It was my observation that most people in my class began with some manuscript and pencil or Sibelius/Finale. Most recently I have found it more helpful to compose through a process of jamming either with myself or others (see my earlier update for this assignment).

Having finished the recording, I find myself at the notating process. I’ve been using Sibelius to transcribe all the parts.

Here’s part of what I have so far:

Score Annotation 1

I have the basic structure of the song mapped out but still have a bit more to go. Just the other day I consulted with someone that I know who has plenty of experience with drum notation. He confirmed that what I had written was both readable and playable, so that was a relief. Drum notation is hard. I’ve been using this handy little resource as a guide (Equally you can just type in ‘how to notate drums into Google’ and it’s pretty much the first link).

Currently, I have the chords and chord shapes in the guitar part, but have still to find a proper way of showing the correct strumming pattern. None of the backing vocal parts have been charted yet, however the lead vocals (with lyrics), instrumental lines, bass and drums are all in.

Unless something comes up, next blog post I should have it all scored! Listen to the recording here.


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