Composition in Music Education Task 3: Update #3

CME Task 3

As you can see (above), I have began the arranging process using Logic. And if you look carefully, I have also tracked some vocals now (many takes later, I’m not really a singer). Underneath the main bulk of tracks, you can see the audio and MIDI regions I made for the ibook task. I used these for the construction of a basic structure (but will not include them in the final mix). This is what I’ve decided on:

Intro – Chorus – Verse 1 – Chorus (Instrumental) – Verse (Instrumental) – Verse 2 – Chorus

So far, I have not yet recorded any instrumental lines and so the middle of the piece sounds pretty bare… however I plan to include 3 wind instruments. One to play the melody, another a harmony line and the third a countermelody part. My lecturer suggests I should try and reverse, flip or retrograde the melody to Skye Boat Song and slip it in somewhere. I’ll see what I can do. For the instrumental lines I am thinking of composing for Flugelhorn, Trombone and either Alto or Tenor Saxophone. When the vocals come back in for the final Verse (2) and chorus I will then try and continue these lines.

I’ve also already started notating what I have and will post an update shortly.

Here’s the lyrics I promised:

 CME Task 3 Lyrics


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