Technology in Music Education Task 2: Update #2

So a lot has happened between now and my last post regarding this, however not so much has actually happened on this particular project. To be fair I’ve been doing my other assignments, but now is the time that I can start applying more of my brain’s CPU usage to this and I am itching to get started. I have, however, spent some good time brainstorming things I could potentially do for the interactive installation that I am creating and so I’m looking forward to actually attempting to realise those soon.

I went into Uni early on Tuesday morning to meet up with someone who has plenty of advice and experience in this area. I shared with him my idea of connecting various game controllers/gear to my computer to connect with the music programs I have. Showing him OSCulator (which he hadn’t seen before), we spent the next hour or so ‘fiddling’ with the various parameters in both Logic and OSCulator, getting my hardware to properly communicate with them simultaneously.

— Cue amazing artwork of a diagram that I drew on the train to aid those who learn visually —Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.09.54 PM

As a result I have a better understanding of MIDI CC messages and how I can map them to the various parameters and plugins within Logic.

Having just completed an electroacoustic/soundscape composition, I’ve decided to use that work in the interactive installation. I plan to remove two main instruments from the mix and give those who are interested to have a turn with the game controllers. They will have the opportunity to control and create a new version of the piece. Sound like fun? You can hear the piece here. I am still yet to do this, but so far I am thinking that the sounds you can play will be the Pad Sound, the ‘Water Sloshes’ (not sure on a good title for that part), and the Thunder (possibly some more). Along side the installation will be a small key for what each button does for each MIDI Controller so participants can musically decide their choices.

By the way if you are in Sydney and wish to come and see my installation and all the wonderful variety of projects that my classmates have undertaken, visit the Cafe in the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on Friday the 13th of November from 6pm to 9pm.

Please comment below if you plan on coming and come and say hi!


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