Composition in Music Education Task 3: Update #2

So I’ve been sick for the past few days, but I can’t really afford to let that stop me (as tempting as it is). After a solid nap, I spent yesterday’s evening and night slowly working on my composition. My process for composition may seem a little backwards to some, but the way I’ve regularly experienced the creation process in music is in groups, jaming and sharing around ideas. So when I compose, I find it difficult to just sit there and write and so I try and create an environment in which I feel as though I’m collaborating with others. I create little loops of basic tracks in Logic X and then jam (improvise) with it until I come up with ideas that I like. Then I either notate or record them 🙂 (or both!).

I thought it would be a helpful thing to actually see the instructions that I am using from my iBook to guide this composition, so here’s a picture: (Note – this is just one page from my iBook, and the following pages help scaffold this task).

Composition Instructions

Steps 1 and 2 have been completed and now I am working on the rest of the arrangement. I was tossing up whether I will have an improvised solo section, but there won’t be enough time and so I will just have two instrumental sections where the main melodies are played. I like this idea as well, because it stays true to the version of Skye Boat Song that Pastance played when we filmed them (see earlier blog posts). For the rest of the arrangement I’m thinking I will try and add a few other melody/harmony parts, and when my voice doesn’t sound like a croaky frog I will hopefully track some vocals.

In the next blog post (and when I have access to my scanner), I’ll pop up the lyrics so you can see them also. For now, I think that’s all!



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