Composition in Music Education Task 3: Update #1

You could say that this task is like a sequel to the iBook that I recently made for the last assignment. I am to compose a piece of music using my own composition task (found in my iBook) as scaffolding.

As the task in the iBook is loosely based around re-writing the melody to Skye Boat Song to an editable Garageband template, the challenge for me will be in extending this task and transforming it into a new piece of music.

So far I have just finished writing my original melody over the chord progression of Skye Boat Song using the G pentatonic scale (in accordance with my own instructions). I quite like it so far, particularly the melody in the B section (see below). Excuse the random 5/8 bar at the end haha that’s supposed to have an extra quaver pulse at the end tied on.

CME Task 3 Melody

So the next step will be the arranging process! Stay tuned.


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