Assignment Update #2

My ibook is finally taking shape (which is encouraging!). I’ve finished both the Performance and Composition sections now, which is a relief as I only have the listening to go and the accompanying document. I recorded my first ever tutorial video yesterday with the help of Screenflow and my new condenser microphone, which was pretty cool. Making tutorial videos is actually harder than I thought. I ended up writing a script for mine but as you follow it, it is very easy to slip in lots of uhmms and ahhs, which can be kind of annoying. I was adamant that I didn’t begin it like every other youtube tutorial video which sounds a little bit like, ‘Hey guys welcome back to another tutorial video where I take about 4 mins on this intro not getting to the point and talking about my latest t-shirt design — and by the way while I’m talking have you seen this subscribe button down here? You should totally click that…’ You get the idea. So I tried to avoid that too.

Today I am going to try and finish the Listening segment of the ibook leaving the rest of the week for my unit of study outline. Knowing iBooks, I’m expecting it will take longer than anticipated as I will encounter a few problems and have to do things multiple times, but having a set time frame isn’t a bad thing I figure.

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Assignment Update #1

So I’ve been bunkering down the past week and getting into my most current assignment, which is a joint assignment for two of my subjects. The task is to create a teaching resource that is (on the whole) self contained whilst being in a digital format. The resource has got to include an activity from each of the musical experiences (performing, composing, listening).

A couple of posts back I blogged about filming Pastance, who are a performance group from Musica Viva. In the ibook that I am creating, I will be using some of the material that we filmed and recorded to be used alongside the activities planned.

I’ve spent my time film editing using Screenflow, and editing audio in Logic Pro X. A large portion of my time was spent transcribing and creating a Mixed Bag arrangement of one of the songs that Pastance performed using Sibelius. More recently I have created various backing tracks and files to scaffold the tasks.

Two things that I’ve learnt so far:

  1. Everything takes way longer than anticipated.
  2. My computer can only take so much. (Having all these large programs opening and closing puts my poor computer under strain haha)

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Music in Early Childhood

So my mother (who works with infants with disabilities and young families) found this interesting article and forwarded it on to me today. It shows how important musical experiences are in early childhood development, stating that children who participate in many musical experiences before the age of five have greater cognitive and emotional skills, preparing them well for school.

“Playing music with toddlers could benefit their development even more than shared reading, according to University of Queensland research”.

“Abundant research over past decades has accumulated evidence of the effectiveness of music education in accelerating development in IQ, academic and social skills, empathy and self-discipline,” Mr Letts said.

Pretty interesting!