Musica Viva – Live Filming

This is week in class we had the privilege of having the Pastance ensemble from Musica Viva join us for a filming session for an upcoming assignment. We will be using the media that we filmed/recorded to make an interactive iBook for students that covers the three major musical experiences: Performing, Composing and Listening. I am yet to decide on what topic my iBook will be on, but I’ll try and post an update as to when things have progressed some more. For now, here’s some shots from the filming session:

Shout out to Katherine who took this shot of the desk. I was here for most of the time monitoring the levels and identifying any crumbles and crackles in the audio.


Here’s the ensemble:




Here’s a shot from further back. You can see all the gear we had set up from here.

And a nice shot of the triple harp here as well. Thanks Hannah for these photos!


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