Sibelius 101

In class today, we had a crash course in Sibelius. If you don’t know what Sibelius is, think of it as a wiz bang musical notation software because that’s what it is. It just so happens that our lecturer worked with Avid on Sibelius for 10 or so years, so I can safely say we had lots of experience and advice at our disposal – which is pretty cool. Oh, and he also happens to be the guy who wrote the user ‘essentials’ manual – which he claims is 2x larger than his PhD (sadly completed in a mere 6 months to compare).

So it was a pretty hands on lecture, which was great. Something I didn’t realise Sibelius could do, is make a log of all your changes and edits along the way. This is a great tool that I am hoping to use if I ever teach HSC music, as students could use this for their composition portfolios! It would save them so much work and it gives them plenty of material to write about (with examples!).

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 7.02.01 pm


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