Technology in Music Ed (TME) Class 2

How appropriate for our first proper lecture/tute/thing, to be in the Mac lab dungeon, deep in the depths of the Con. I’m pretty excited to be doing lots of hands on, practical things this semester.
Today, we looked at the potential of the Apple loops in the classroom: how to use, edit, and create our own, accompanied with various teaching implications. Something that stood out to me was that it’s a little unreasonable to go, ‘Hey kids, here’s the loop section in Garageband, go make a piece’. Students are going to benefit way more through proper lesson scaffolding, in the breaking down of steps.

A cool activity we learnt about might involve breaking down a song they already know and turning it into a collection of loops for them to find in Garageband. With guidance and special student oriented learning dust, the task could be to create their own remix of the song! Resulting in beautiful arranging skills – hooray!

Loops are fun. They certainly have their limits, but I wouldn’t scoff at them. They have lots of potential.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 5.01.18 pm


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